About Us

Behavioral gerontology is the application of behavior analysis to aging and age-related issues. The BG-SIG’s mission is to foster interest among behavior analysts in addressing and researching aging-related issues.

older people groupBy the year 2030, nearly 20% of the American population will be over the age of 65, and our society will face increasing challenges in providing adequate and affordable supports to the growing number of older adults who need them. Most existing care agencies for seniors are unaware of the potential benefits of incorporating behavior analysis into their practices. Thus, there are many opportunities for behavior analysts to make a powerful social impact, but those opportunities come with the challenge of convincing non-behavioral consumers of the value of our craft.

1981 SIGThe BG-SIG holds a meeting during ABAI’s annual convention every year and also honors a student presenter each year. In addition, to ongoing business activities, this meeting typically includes a discussion of challenges involved in working in multidisciplinary service settings and brainstorming of ideas for research studies to foster future student participation.

A newsletter is distributed twice per year, and the spring issue always includes a list of the aging-related presentations at the upcoming convention.